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In Sea Outfalls we want to bring you closer to the world of underground construction through our knowledge and experience. It doesn't matter if you have previous education or not, the requirement is to share our passion for tunneling.


From the diversity of the different points of view that our members contribute, our goal is to bring the usual methods and practices in the construction of microtunnels to anyone interested, whatever their level of knowledge.


We are committed to the dissemination of truthful, solid and contrasted information that allows our readers to obtain the desired knowledge and information with the guarantee of the experience of our members in the field of underground works.


Service, cooperation and teamwork are part of the basis of our day to day, that is why we make available our knowledge and experience to serve improvement and growth to anyone who is interested.

Inicio is a didactic website in which a group of professionals from the construction sector makes available their knowledge through the projects they have executed of sea outfalls for different applications such as: desalination plants, supply, purification, land-sea connections for gas pipelines, etc.

In we are proud to have a team of professionals who have been part of projects of great technical complexity and distinguished with world records in the execution of sea outfalls, which makes the information provided of great relevance and interest.

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